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Career Opportunities

Seneca Medical was founded on a mission comprised of trust, integrity, commitment, service and respect.  These founding principles have allowed us to create a team comprised of individuals who truly care, have the voice and authority to implement change, and are challenged to bring creative solutions to the ever changing healthcare environment.  The team is led by a lean management structure focused on overseeing the corporate direction while supporting and allowing employees the autonomy to make decisions.  This coupled with our employee ownership structure, generous profit sharing, robust benefit package, and competitive wage allow us to sustain a culture that is focused on achieving industry setting results every day.  Take this unique culture and structure of the management team and wrap it with our undeniable commitment to acting only with the highest level of integrity, makes Seneca Medical one of the top organizations in the country.               

If this unique culture, business structure and intense focus on integrity are traits you are looking for in an employer, Seneca Medical welcomes you to submit your resume/application.   

Seneca Medical, Inc. hires and promotes people on the basis of their actual and potential abilities.  Seneca Medical is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Affirmative Action Program.

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Available Opportunities

Here at Seneca Medical we are always accepting applications.  Please fill out the attached application, print it and send it, along with your resume to Lucretia Breidenbach - 85 Shaffer Park Drive, Tiffin, OH  44883, e-mail to  lbreidenbach@senecamedical.com or fax to 419.447.0466

Position Title:    Account Manager, LTC   
Location:    Indiana
Department:    Sales   
Date Posted:    1-5-15
Reports to:    Regional Director

Essential Function:

The primary role of an Account Manager (AM) is to manage their accounts in a way that results in the customer having high satisfaction with Seneca Medical while continuously growing the business, maximizing the gross margin in the account and keeping expenses associated with the account to a minimum. The AM will work closely with the Supply Chain personnel, clinicians and appropriate executives to thoroughly understand the needs of the account and then develop and implement a plan to fulfill the needs. The ultimate goal is to grow the business and the profit in the account while delivering solutions that assure long term commitment to Seneca Medical.

Responsibilities include managing the account to assure high service levels, accurate pricing, high levels of communication and appropriate solutions to meet the needs of the account. The individual will be responsible for managing the profitability of the account which includes managing the mix of products that the account purchases, managing the inventory associated with the account, managing the pricing, and expanding the penetration in the account. In addition, the individual will work collaboratively with support personnel at Seneca Medical to assure that service levels attain agreed upon levels, pricing errors are eliminated, invoice discrepancies are eliminated and customer satisfaction exceeds expectations. The AM will be responsible for cultivating relationships in Supply Chain, Clinical areas and the Executive Floor in order to fully understand the challenges, goals and needs of the account to more effectively provide a good plan for providing solutions to the account.

Position responsibilities:
1. Develop relationships and excellent lines of communication with all key members of supply chain in the account.
2. Develop a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of the account.
3. Collaborate with support services of Seneca Medical to achieve levels of service that the company
has committed to providing.
4. Resolve all issues associated with pricing, invoices or other administrative problems.
5. Work on a continuous basis to manage inventory associated with the account to assure the elimination of nonperforming assets.
6. Set appointments with appropriate personnel to present and sell HCS products in every account to improve the margin and lower costs for the account.
7. Work hard to manage the mix away from inefficient vendors to more efficient/profitable vendors by coordinating and leading the introduction of preferred products and vendors to appropriate customer personnel.
8. Develop a business plan for every account and incorporate it into QBR process.
9. Work with Regional Director to present the QBRs in a way that is mutually beneficial.
10. Build strong relationships with both potential customers and Vendors (manufacturers, GPOs and others) toward the goal of closing new business.
11. Strong management of all aspects of the territory business including sales, mix, expense reduction, and pricing.

The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of this position.  It is not to be construed as an exhaustive list or statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.

Supervisory Responsibilities (if any)
Direct Reports: N/A
Indirect Reports: N/A

Minimum Requirements:
Reside in Indianapolis or surrounding suburbs
Preferred Education Level Requirements:  Bachelor’s or above
Experience Required: At least 2 years of selling experience (or equivalent experience gained in customer-facing position with Seneca Medical)

II. Knowledge required
PSS selling skills
Thorough understanding of the principles of supply chain   

Resume submission:
Submit resume by 1-13-2015 to:
 Deanna Reinhart, Director, LTC:   dreinhart@senecamedical.com